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Vol 31, No 2

Table of Contents

Front Matter / Pages Liminaires

Editorsʼ Note / Note des rédactrices PDF
Guest Editors' Introduction / Introduction des rédactrices invitées PDF
Shannon Stettner, Tracy Penny Light 9-24


Ideal Births and Ideal Babies: English-Canadian Advice Literature in the 1950s and 1960s Abstract PDF
Sally Mennill 25-47
They’re “More Children than Adults”: Teens, Unmarried Pregnancy, and the Canadian Medical Profession, 1945-61 Abstract PDF
Sharon Wall 49-69
“The Luxurious Daughters of Artificial Life”: Female “Delicacy” and Pain in Late-Victorian Advice Literature Abstract PDF
Whitney Wood 71-92
Towards Legitimate Nursing Work? Historical Discursive Constructions of Abortion in The Canadian Nurse, 1950-1965 Abstract PDF
Catherine Haney 93-115
In Defence of Reason: Religion, Science, and the Prince Edward Island Anti-Abortion Movement, 1969-1988 Abstract PDF
Katrina Ackerman 117-138
“A midwife at every confinement”: Midwifery and Medicalized Childbirth in Ontario and Britain, 1920-1950 Abstract PDF
Gwenith Siobhan Cross 139-159
What’s a Guy To Do?: Contraceptive Responsibility, Confronting Masculinity, and the History of Vasectomy in Canada Abstract PDF
Sarah Shropshire 161-182
“In a country every way by nature favourable to health”: Landscape and Public Health in Victorian Rural Wales Abstract PDF
Keir Waddington 183-204
Palliative Care: The Oldest Profession? Abstract PDF
Jacalyn Duffin 205-228

Book Reviews / Comptes Rendus

Review: The Inevitable Hour: A History of Caring for Dying Patients in America by Emily K. Abel PDF
Thomas Long 229-231
Review: A Cultural History of the Nurse’s Uniform by Christina Bates PDF
Stuart Wildman 231-232
Review: Comrades in Health: U.S. Health Internationalists Abroad and at Home by Anne-Emanuelle Birn and Theodore M. Brown, editors PDF
Susan Armstrong-Reid 232-234
Review: Charcot in Morocco with introduction, notes, and translation by Toby Gelfand PDF
Frank Stahnisch 234-236
Review: Female Patients in Early Modern Britain: Gender, Diagnosis and Treatment by Wendy D. Churchill PDF
Alun Withey 236-238
Review: Gender, State, and Medicine in Highland Ecuador: Modernizing Women, Modernizing the State, 1895-1950 by A. Kim Clark PDF
Gwenith Siobhan Cross 238-239
Review: Ourselves Unborn: A History of the Modern Fetus by Sara Dubow PDF
Heather Latimer 239-241
Review: Moving Beyond Borders: A History of Black Canadian and Caribbean Women in the Diaspora by Karen Flynn PDF
Michelle Filice 241-242
Review: Prescribed: Writing, Filling, Using, and Abusing the Prescription in Modern America by Jeremy A. Greene and Elizabeth Siegel Watkins, editors PDF
Hope Leman 243-244
Review: A History of Organ Transplantation: Ancient Legends to Modern Practice by David Hamilton and The Origins of Organ Transplantation: Surgery and Laboratory Science, 1880-1930 by Thomas Schlich PDF
Shelley McKellar 244-247
Review: Genentech: The Beginnings of Biotech by Sally Smith Hughes PDF
Mark Finlay 248-249
Review: The Birth Control Clinic in a Marketplace World by Rose Holz PDF
Tess Lanzarotta 249-251
Review: Picturing the Book of Nature: Image, Text, and Argument in Sixteenth-Century Human Anatomy and Medical Botany by Sachiko Kusukawa PDF
Jennifer Evans 251-252
Review: Imaging and Imagining the Fetus: The Development of Obstetric Ultrasound by Malcolm Nicolson and John E.E. Fleming PDF
Jennifer Rinaldi 253-254
Compte Rendu: Professions à part entière. Histoire des ergothérapeutes, orthophonistes, physiothérapeutes, psychologues et travailleuses sociales au Québec par Julien Prud’homme PDF
Nicole Rousseau 254-256
Compte rendu: Infirmières de colonie. Soins et médicalisation dans les régions du Québec, 1932-1972 par Nicole Rousseau et Johanne Daigle PDF
Marie-Claude Thifault 256-257
Review: Phoenix: The Life of Norman Bethune by Roderick Stewart and Sharon Stewart PDF
Ann Frances Toews 257-259
Compte rendu: Du front à l’asile, 1914-1918 par Stéphane Tison et Hervé Guillemain PDF
Alexandre Klein 259-263
Review: Deliver Me from Pain: Anesthesia & Birth in America by Jacqueline H. Wolf PDF
Whitney Wood 263-265
Review: Radical, a play by Charles Hayter, directed by Edward Chua, Toronto Fringe Festival, 4-13 July 2014. PDF
Denise Bowes 267-268
Dissertations / Thèses PDF

News / Nouvelles

News / Nouvelles PDF

Cover / Couverture

Image: “The Church Cares for the Unmarried Mother and Her Child,” 1955. United Church of Canada, British Columbia Conference Archives, Burnaby Home for Girls, Reference File. PDF

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