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Vol 31, No 1

Table of Contents

Front Matter / Pages Liminaires

Editors' Note / Note des rédactrices PDF
Guest Editor's Introduction / Introduction de la rédactrice invitée PDF
Erika Dyck 7-16


The Early Eugenics Movement and Emerging Professional Psychiatry: Conceptual Transfers and Personal Relationships between Germany and North America, 1880s to 1930s Abstract PDF
Frank Stahnisch 17-40
Eugenics and Racial Biology in Sweden and the USSR: Contacts across the Baltic Sea Abstract PDF
Per Anders Rudling 41-75
Eugenics and Migration: A Case Study of Salvation Army Literature about Canada and Britain, c.1890-1921 Abstract PDF
Graham Baker 77-98
“A Visitation of Providence:” Public Health and Eugenic Reform in the Wake of the Halifax Disaster Abstract PDF
Leslie Baker 99-122
“Our Power to Remodel Civilization”: The Development of Eugenic Feminism in Alberta, 1909-1921 Abstract PDF
Sheila Gibbons 123-142
Eugenics in the Community: Gendered Professions and Eugenic Sterilization in Alberta, 1928-1972 Abstract PDF
Amy Samson 143-463
Sterilization and Birth Control in the Shadow of Eugenics: Married, Middle-Class Women in Alberta, 1930-1960s Abstract PDF
Erika Dyck 165-187
Contraception or Eugenics? Sterilization and “Mental Retardation” in the 1970s and 1980s Abstract PDF
Molly Ladd-Taylor 189-211

Book Reviews / Comptes Rendus

Compte rendu: Névrose et folie dans le corps expéditionnaire canadien (1914-1918). Le cas québécois par Geneviève Allard PDF
Marie-Claude Thifault 213-214
Review: Caring and Killing: Nursing and Psychiatric Practice in Germany, 1931-1943 par Thomas Foth PDF
Alexandre Pelletier-Audet 214-216
Review: The Last Plague: Spanish Influenza and the Politics of Public Health in Canada by Mark Osborne Humphries PDF
Jane Jenkins 216-219
Review: Vaccinations and Public Concern in History: Legend, Rumor and Risk Perception by Andrea Kitta PDF
Heather MacDougall 220-221
Review: Vaccine: The Debate in Modern America by Mark A. Largent PDF
Sarah Glassford 221-222
Compte Rendu: Anatomie d’une institution médicale. La Faculté de médecine de Genève (1876-1920) par Philip Rieder PDF
Alexandre Klein 223-225
Review: Telling Genes: The Story of Genetic Counseling in America by Alexandra Minna Stern PDF
Leslie Baker 225-227
Review: “And Neither Have I Wings To Fly”: Labeled and Locked Up in Canada’s Oldest Institution by Thelma Wheatley PDF
Robert Menzies 227-228
Theatre Review: Tainted by Kat Lanteigne and Vikki Anderson PDF
Jacalyn Duffin 229-231

Obituaries / Annonces Nécrologiques:

William Feindel PDF
Frank Stahnisch 233-235

Cover / Couverture

Image: Herman Lundborg and F. J. Linders, eds., The Racial Characters of the Swedish Nation, Anthropologia Suecica (Uppsala: Almqvist och Wiksell, 1926): Plate 1 PDF

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