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Vol 3 A propos de quelques historiens de la médecine canadienne. Details   PDF
Sylvio LeBlond
Vol 2 Analyses d'ouvrages: Gilles Maloney et Winnie Frohn, Concordance des oeuvres hippocratiques. Details   PDF
Jacques Desautels
Vol 2 Because there is pain: Alcoholism, temperance and the Victorian physician. Details   PDF
Cheryl L. Krasnick
Vol 2 Foucault plus twenty: On writing the history of Canadian psychiatry in the 1980's. Details   PDF
Thomas E. Brown
Vol 1 Les médecins dans un monde clérical: L'Hôtel-Dieu de Québec au XlXe siècle. Details   PDF
Marcel Guay
Vol 1 Naissance, vie et mort d'un groupe de parasites imaginaires: les Chlamydozoaires. Details   PDF
Jean Théodoridès
Vol 2 Perspectives - The new Marxist orthodoxy: A critique. Details   PDF
Harvey G. Simmons
Vol 1 Perspectives: On the Medicare crisis. Details   PDF
Jane Lewis
Vol 1 Public health at the fair. Details   PDF
Joan Feather
Vol 2 Sir James Alexander Grant, 1831-1920: Physician and politician. Details   PDF
W.E. Collins
Vol 2 Smallpox management on Prince Edward Island, 1820-1940: From neglect to fulfilment. Details   PDF
Douglas O. Baldwin
Vol 26 A Bibliography of the Publications of Don Bates Abstract   Untitled
George Weisz
Vol 26 A Brief Retrospective on the Royal Commission on Health Services Abstract   PDF
Jack Boan
Vol 24 A Contagious Journey Within a Culture of Complacency: The Smallpox Scare of 1962 in New York and Toronto. Abstract   PDF
Eric Jarvis
Vol 27 A Cup Full of Domesticity: The “Duke-Fingard” Vaporizer Abstract   PDF
Mallory Schwartz
Vol 11 A Divine Mission: Elizabeth McMaster and the Hosptial for Sick Children, Toronto, 1875-92. Abstract   PDF
Judith Young
Vol 25 A Family Point of View: Negotiating Asylum Care in Alberta, 1905-1930 Abstract   PDF
Geertje Boschma
Vol 8 A Guide to Historical Records in Hospitals in London, England and Ontario, Canada c.1800-c.1950 - Part 1: An Overview of the Continuities and Changes in the Content and the Forms of Records. Abstract   PDF
Barbara L. Craig
Vol 9 A Guide to Historical Records in Hospitals in London, England and Ontario, Canada c.1800-c.1950 - Part 2: A Consolidated List of Records. Abstract   PDF
Barbara L. Craig
Vol 28, No 2 A Healthy Anniversary? Exploring Narratives of Health in Media Coverage of the 1968 and 2008 Olympic Games Abstract   PDF
Parissa Safai
Vol 8 A Hempelian Explanatory Shift in Neuropathology: A Study in the History and Logic of Medicine. Abstract   PDF
Michael S. Pollanen
Vol 11 A Life Apart: The Experience of Women and the Asylum Practice of Charles Doherty at British Columbia's Provincial Hospital for the Insane, 1905-15. Abstract   PDF
M.E. Kelm
Vol 26 A Physician on the Front Line of Medicare Abstract   PDF
John D. Bury
Vol 9 A propos De l'expérience en médecine de Zimmermann. Abstract   PDF
Antoinette Emch-Deriaz
Vol 25 A Rockefeller Foundation Health Primer for US-Occupied Nicaragua, 1914-1928 Abstract   PDF
Steven Palmer, Ligia Maria Pena Torres
Vol 12 A Search for Gold: Reconstructing a Private Library-The Case of Dr. Robert Bell. Details   PDF
Bertrum H. MacDonald
Vol 16, No 2 "A State Bordering on Insanity"?:Identifying Drug Addiction in Nineteenth-Century Canadian Asylums. Details   PDF
Daniel J. Malleck
Vol 6 A Student's Ode to Osler's Text Republished with Notes. Details   PDF
E. LeRoy
Vol 30, No 2 A Third Look at Sarah Gamp Abstract   PDF
Carol Helmstadter
Vol 28, No 2 Abandoning Nature: Swimming Pools and Clean, Healthy Recreation in Hamilton, Ontario, c. 1930s-1950s Abstract   PDF
Nancy B. Bouchier, Ken Cruikshank
Vol 8 Abraham Groves (1847-1935): A Pioneer Ontario Surgeon, Sufficient Unto Himself. Abstract   PDF
W. B. Spaulding
Vol 19 Abulcasis, Avicenne et Galien. La savoir d'un médecin juif au miroir d'une expertise médico-légale de la fin du XIVe siècle Abstract   PDF
Andrée Courtemanche
Vol 14 Accounts of Abuse of Patients at the Toronto Hospital for the Insane, 1883-1937. Details   PDF
Geoffrey Reaume
Vol 18 Administrative Records Management and Archival Program: The Kingston Experience. Details   PDF
James A. Low
Vol 24 Advice Concerning Pregnancy and Health in Late Medieval Europe: Peasant Women’s Wisdom in The Distaff Gospels Abstract   PDF
Kathleen Garay
Vol 8 Advice to Parents: The Blue Books, Helen MacMurchy, MD, and the Federal Department of Health, 1920-34. Abstract   PDF
Dianne Dodd
Vol 26 After Medicare: Regionalization and Canadian Health Care Reform Abstract   PDF
Terry Boychuk
Vol 17 Ahern, historien de la médecine. Details   PDF
Jacques Bernier
Vol 21 Almonte's Great Train Disaster: Shaping Nurses' Roles and the Civilian Use of Blood Transfusion Abstract   PDF
Cynthia Toman
Vol 22 An Annotated Chronology of the History of AIDS in Toronto: The First Five Years, 1981-1986. Abstract   PDF
Mark L. Robertson
Vol 3 An English-language biobliography of classical Greek medicine. Details   PDF
J.T.H. Connor
Vol 28, No 1 An Illness in the Family: Dr. Maude Abbott and Her Sister, Alice Abbott Abstract   PDF
Barbara Brookes
Vol 4 Anatomy, Physiology, and Surgery: Physiology Teaching in Early Nineteenth-Century London. Details   PDF
Pauline M.H. Mazumdar
Vol 7 Ancient Texts and the Historian. Details   PDF
Paul Potter
Obituaries / Annonces nécrologiques André Paradis Abstract   PDF
- Volume 14
Vol 8 Another Medical Heritage Site ... Abstract   PDF
W. Norton
Vol 23 Archives and Artifacts / Archives et artefacts de la pratique médicale: La conceptualisation anatomo-clinique de la tuberculose pulmonaire dans l’oeuvre de Laennec Abstract   PDF
Eric Hamraoui
Vol 24 Archives and Artifacts / Archives et artefacts de la pratique médicales: From Osler’s Library to the Osler Library of the History of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal: An Overview Abstract   PDF
Christopher Lyons
Vol 25 Archives and Artifacts / Archives et artefacts de la pratique médicales: Les enquêtes des coroners du district de Québec, 1765-1930 : une source en histoire médicale et sociale canadienne Abstract   PDF
Rénald Lessard, Stephanie Tesio
Vol 24 Archives and Artifacts /Archives et artefacts de la pratique médicale: A Locator List of Some Medieval Ophthalmological Texts Abstract   PDF
L.M. Eldredge
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