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Integrating International Medical Graduates into Canada’s Physician Workforce

Integrating international medical graduates (IMGs) into the Canadian physician workforce is crucial as the healthcare sector grapples with physician shortages that impact access to primary care.

One of the most effective pathways for fast-tracking the licensing process for these doctors is the Practice-Ready Assessment (PRA) pathway. This initiative is designed to expedite the integration of qualified IMGs, ensuring they can start practicing in Canada more swiftly and efficiently.

The Practice-Ready Assessment Pathway

The PRA pathway accelerates the route to licensure for physicians…

Growing Career Opportunities in Senior Living Made Possible by Chartwell

As Canada’s population continues to age, the field of senior living is becoming increasingly vital within the healthcare sector. Chartwell, a leading provider of senior housing, offers a wide range of rewarding career opportunities and avenues for professional growth.

Senior living presents a burgeoning area in health care as it offers diverse roles for those interested in combining wellness, support, and compassionate client relationships. This sector not only promises growth and development but also provides meaningful and rewarding experiences as employees work closely with an inspiring group: seniors.

How Michener Institute Prepares Specialists for the Future

While doctors and nurses are often seen as the face of health care, Canada’s health care system relies on a vast array of specialized practitioners. These include medical laboratory technologists, physiotherapists, radiological technologists, and respiratory therapists, all of whom are crucial to the system’s functionality and growth.

The demand for these specialized healthcare roles is set to rise significantly.

The COVID-19 pandemic shone a spotlight on their essential contributions and revealed critical gaps within the healthcare infrastructure. According to Lori Peppler-Beechy, Associate Head of …