Sanofi Canada’s Commitment to Diabetes Care

Diabetes stands as a formidable challenge in the realm of chronic diseases, impacting millions globally and presenting a significant concern in Canada. With approximately 10 percent of Canadians currently affected, projections suggest a rise to 12 percent by 2030.

Beyond the physical toll, diabetes deeply influences individuals’ quality of life, touching upon emotional and mental well-being while demanding significant lifestyle adjustments and ongoing monitoring.

Addressing Mental Health in Diabetes Care

Recognizing the multifaceted impact of diabetes, Sanofi Canada has dedicated itself to enhancing the lives of those affected.

Beyond medical management, understanding and addressing the mental health needs of individuals with diabetes is a priority. Recent research commissioned by Sanofi Canada revealed that 40 percent of Canadians living with diabetes view mental health checks as vital, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alarmingly, only two percent reported having mental health professionals as part of their healthcare team.

Sabina Steinkellner, General Manager of General Medicines at Sanofi Canada, emphasizes the importance of prioritizing patient needs and delivering patient-centered solutions. Sanofi Canada aims to bridge the gap in mental health support for individuals with diabetes by identifying and implementing tailored mental health programs.

Building on a Legacy of Innovation

Sanofi Canada’s commitment to diabetes care traces back to the pioneering discovery of insulin a century ago. Steinkellner highlights Sanofi Canada’s heritage in innovation and public health contributions, including decades of insulin production.

However, the focus extends beyond the past, with a keen eye on future contributions.

Sanofi Canada actively engages in evidence-based discussions and research collaborations to advance diabetes management. Participation in events like the American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions underscores Sanofi’s dedication to innovation and partnership.

Notably, Sanofi-funded Canadian research abstracts showcased at such events highlight the company’s commitment to local and global diabetes research efforts.

Embracing Innovation for Positive Change

In navigating the evolving landscape of diabetes care, Sanofi Canada embraces an entrepreneurial mindset and agility. Steinkellner emphasizes the importance of innovation and the company’s dedication to supporting individuals with diabetes beyond therapeutic solutions.

Sanofi’s global ambition to reverse the course of diabetes by 2030 underscores its long-term commitment to combating the disease.

Looking Ahead with Hope

As Sanofi Canada continues its journey in diabetes care, the ultimate goal remains to alleviate the burden of diabetes and, ideally, reverse its trajectory. Steinkellner draws parallels with past medical breakthroughs, envisioning a future where diabetes prevention and management become akin to eradicating diseases through vaccination.

Sanofi Canada’s unwavering commitment to diabetes care encompasses a holistic approach, addressing not only medical needs but also mental and emotional well-being.

Through innovation, collaboration, and a patient-centered ethos, Sanofi Canada strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals living with diabetes, with the hope of realizing a future free from the burden of this chronic condition.

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