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Integrating International Medical Graduates into Canada’s Physician Workforce

Integrating international medical graduates (IMGs) into the Canadian physician workforce is crucial as the healthcare sector grapples with physician shortages that impact access to primary care.

One of the most effective pathways for fast-tracking the licensing process for these doctors is the Practice-Ready Assessment (PRA) pathway. This initiative is designed to expedite the integration of qualified IMGs, ensuring they can start practicing in Canada more swiftly and efficiently.

The Practice-Ready Assessment Pathway

The PRA pathway accelerates the route to licensure for physicians…

Growing Career Opportunities in Senior Living Made Possible by Chartwell

As Canada’s population continues to age, the field of senior living is becoming increasingly vital within the healthcare sector. Chartwell, a leading provider of senior housing, offers a wide range of rewarding career opportunities and avenues for professional growth.

Senior living presents a burgeoning area in health care as it offers diverse roles for those interested in combining wellness, support, and compassionate client relationships. This sector not only promises growth and development but also provides meaningful and rewarding experiences as employees work closely with an inspiring group: seniors.

How Michener Institute Prepares Specialists for the Future

While doctors and nurses are often seen as the face of health care, Canada’s health care system relies on a vast array of specialized practitioners. These include medical laboratory technologists, physiotherapists, radiological technologists, and respiratory therapists, all of whom are crucial to the system’s functionality and growth.

The demand for these specialized healthcare roles is set to rise significantly.

The COVID-19 pandemic shone a spotlight on their essential contributions and revealed critical gaps within the healthcare infrastructure. According to Lori Peppler-Beechy, Associate Head of …

How IRICoR Plays a Key Role in Translational Research

In the relentless battle against cancer, Montreal-based IRICoR dedicates itself to catalyzing the translation of groundbreaking research into tangible therapies that benefit patients. As a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research, IRICoR’s mission is to identify promising cancer research emanating from Canadian universities, facilitate its development into viable treatments, and ultimately, expedite their delivery to patients in need.

Steven Klein, Vice President of Business Development at IRICoR, explains the intricate journey that research must undertake from the laboratory to the clinic.


Sanofi Canada’s Commitment to Diabetes Care

Diabetes stands as a formidable challenge in the realm of chronic diseases, impacting millions globally and presenting a significant concern in Canada. With approximately 10 percent of Canadians currently affected, projections suggest a rise to 12 percent by 2030.

Beyond the physical toll, diabetes deeply influences individuals’ quality of life, touching upon emotional and mental well-being while demanding significant lifestyle adjustments and ongoing monitoring.

Addressing Mental Health in Diabetes Care

Recognizing the multifaceted impact of diabetes, Sanofi Canada has …

How Technology is Shaping the New Normal in Canada

As Canadians strive to move past the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a palpable desire to return to a semblance of normalcy. However, this crisis has prompted us to rethink our approach to healthcare, pushing us to embrace innovative technologies and new ways of delivering care.

The result? A new “normal” that promises to be markedly different from the old.

Prior to the pandemic, concepts like virtual house calls, remote diagnostics, and self-testing were largely unfamiliar and even frowned upon by some. But necessity breeds innovation, and as the need for socially distant …

Canada’s Medicinal History to 1950

The evolution of medicine in Canada is a journey marked by innovation, perseverance, and a deep commitment to improving health and well-being.

From the earliest indigenous healing practices to the establishment of formal medical institutions, Canada’s medical history is rich and diverse.

Let’s embark on a voyage through time, exploring the key milestones and advancements that shaped medicine in Canada up to the year 1950.

Indigenous Healing Traditions

Long before European settlers arrived, Indigenous peoples across Canada developed sophisticated healing …

Interesting Facts about Canadian Healthcare

Canada’s healthcare system is often a subject of fascination and curiosity for people around the world. Known for its universal coverage and emphasis on accessibility, it stands out as a model for many nations.

In this article, we’re going to delve deep into some key facts about healthcare in Canada. Let’s get started.

Universal Coverage

One of the defining features of healthcare in Canada is its universal coverage. This means that all Canadian citizens and permanent residents have access to essential healthcare services, regardless of their ability to pay.

This …

A Look at How Medical Practice in Canada Evolved Through the Years

Long before European settlers arrived, Indigenous peoples in what is now Canada had developed sophisticated systems of medicine based on their deep understanding of the natural environment.

Traditional healers, often referred to as medicine men or women, utilized a wide range of plants, herbs, and rituals to treat illnesses and injuries. These practices were holistic, aiming to heal the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously.

Remedies were often passed down through generations, preserving a wealth of knowledge about local flora and fauna and their medicinal properties.

The Arrival of …